Come , join us and help the plants grow.
We welcome all committed people who can help us for expanding the activity to other locations in Pune or any other city. They can join us at two locations - hanuman tekdi and Chatursungi hills. We water the plants weekly twice on Chatursungi hills and almost daily at hanuman tekdi hill. We have all infrastructure in place - water , water cans, plants . But this work is unending ....there is still lot of things to do.

Celebrate birth day on the Hill
We encourage people to visit one of the hill on your birth day. Kids also enjoy plantation and watering of plants . Planting a tree is not at all costly and complex but the satisfaction that you will get is not measurable. Just come ... join us is one way to show your commitment for your environment.

EDS team 01 dec 2007 SBI team at Hanuman Tekdi Mr Bhave at Work
Green Hills Group Members on 05 June 08 - Environment day Accenture Team on  07 June 08 EDS Team on  29 June 08
Bio fertiliser is prepared from Nirmalya (flower waste)  at Chatushrungi Grass Cutting at Chatushrungi Hill  Sept 08 EDS Team on  30 Aug 08
Financial support
We do not need millions of rupees to make all this work. We need regular water for 8 months in the year. We need two labours for each hill for making bunds along the slopes and on top of the hill for water harvesting. We need additional labours after each monsoon to cut grass. It is difficult to get labours who are willing to do work on hill tops. But we have managed to hire two labours till now. We need your support to expand and to maintain existing set-up.

We are looking for 100 people who can contribute Rs 1000 per year for next one to five years. If you are interested then please contact us.

Below are aproximate figures that we spend at Chatushrungi. The intention of providing this information is to help others who want to start plantation activity in other parts.

Remove grass around the plants to protect the plants from accidental hay fire
and making round pits around plants.
This may not be sufficient as around 6 ft grass grows after mansoon.
Rs 6000
Digging 700 ft pipeline from main tank to the corner tank. Rs 5000
Additional pipe and fittings for the pipeline from main tank to Corner tank. Rs 4000
Digging Continuous Contour Trench on the slope (excluding ground level marking) . Rs 1000 for 60 Mtrs
Preparing soil bed by filling the trenches with soil . Rs 30 for 10 ft
Ferrocrete tank charges . Rs 5 per litre
Water tanker charges for every private tanker with pumping at Chatushrungi.Every plant planted in CCT need around 5 litres of water every week Rs 1000 per tanker
Bamboo sticks to support the plants Rs 2000 for 200 sticks
50 Bags of cow dung including transportation , cost of bags Rs 2750
Cost of tonic provided by Nano technology for plants Rs 1000
Cost of tags with Green Hills Group logo to be tied to each plant Rs 2.25 per tag
Cost of Honda grass cutting machine . Rs 25000 (in 2009)
Cost of each mud pot immersed near each plant Rs 14 each , total around Rs 10000
Cost of 12 ft gate at Chatushrungi hill Rs 11000