Community Tree Plantation – our long struggle.


When we started the tree plantation at Hanuman Tekdi hill and Chatursungi Hill , there was no financial backing or political support. But we had committed people. The founder of this group Srikanth Paranjpe was praying in front of god hanuman and appealing him to stop people from snatching natural resources. He was questioning himself "Why should I call myself educated , scientific and develop when my actions are bringing mother earth to verge of disaster ? " . He started finding answer to his questions in tree plantation and living simple life. At the age of seventy he still bi-cycles and brings home- grown plants and climbs daily to both hills.

By the grace of god many like minded people joined him. Ravi Purandare was one of them. Ravi has lot of innovative ideas and possesses a dream to succeed. A Green Hills group trust formed in 2004 with eight committed people. Slowly dreams of the group was getting realized on the top of Hanuman Tekdi … but not without overcoming following obstacles.