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  • 27 Sept 2011, Nihar Agrotech have donated grass cutting machine to Green Hills Group.
    Feb 2011. Green Hills Group - Objection to construction on Forest Land on ARAI hill. .
  • 15 March 2011, drip irrgation for around 2000 plants at ARAI-MIT hill . Around 2000 plants started getting optimum water by drip irrigation.
  • 26 January 2011, Green Hills Group formally submits objection letter to permit construction on ARAI forest land / hill
    On behalf of Birds, Peacocks and Reptiles staying on the hill, Green Hills Group have submitted objection letter to Urban town planning department , Govt. of Maharashtra for allowing huge construction and testing track on Forest Land at S. No 102 , Kothrud , Pune.

  • 05 Sept 2010, Falicitation of Shephards
    Green Hills Group falicitates Shephards in Hands of Socail worker Girish Prabhune and Vikas Mathkari. Shephards have shown commitment for environment by not bringing the herds for grazing near plants since last three years.

  • 04 JuLY 2010, Plantation BY AXA Business Services team.
    Committed team of around 100 employees of AXA Business Services joined Green Hills Group members to plant around 250 plants on Chatushrungi hill. Around 100 ayurvedic medicinal plants also planted.

  • 28 June 2010, Plantation on D S Kulkarni's birthday
    Around 150 Employees of D S Kulkarni's companies , joined Green Hills Group members to plant 500 plants on the slope above Chatushrungi Mandir.

  • 15 June 2010,Tata Motors , partnered with Green hills group for plantation on forest land near MIT college.
  • 05 June 2010, Environment Day
    Employees of Geometric Software , AXA Business services have joined the green hills group volunteers and filled 150 mtrs trench and planted 50 plants on the continuous contour trench.

  • 17 May 2010. Forest department invitation to Green Hills Group
    Forest department have given permission to Green Hills Group to develop hill near MIT college.

  • 08 May 2010
    D S Kulkarni Partnered with green hills group to make mandir side slope green in next three years.

  • 1 May 2010
    Plants on Hanuman Tekdi started getting water using Drip irrigation...keep it up plants, u can do it !

  • 15 April 2010
    AXA Business Services has partnered with green hills group to plan and nurture 500 trees on Chatushrungi hill.

  • 14 March 2010
    Inauguration of Nisarg Mandir consisting of eight water holding disks for birds and eight boards displaying importance of environment in eight religions.

  • 14 March 2010
    Inauguration of Bicycle operated pump to water plants.

  • Feb 2010
    Hanuman tekdi tanks filled with PMC water connection and electric pump.

  • Jan 26 2010
    PMC have provided 10 ton of bio-waste (ola kachara) . Green Hills Group volunteers with the help of students from Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti , Pruthvi IAS coaching classes and Athavale classes have put the bio-waste around each plant on Chatushrungi hill.

  • Jan 2010
    Drip irrigation is used for Watering of around 1000 plants on the slope of the Chatushrungi hill.

  • Jan to March 2010
    A stone katta measuring 5 feet by 1 feet is prepared for 700 plants on top of Chatushrungi hill. Bio-waste , cow-dung and Nirmalya fertiliser and soil is filled in this stone katta.

  • Sept 20 to Sept 30 2009 :
    Green Hills Group volunteers forms human chain to lift Nirmalya (Flower Waste) from Chatushrungi temple to the hill top. Bio-Fertiliser is prepared in a tank.

  • Sept 10 2009 :
    Green Hills Group gives Environment scholarship to 13 students studying in Ganpatrao Vithoba Gole school.On 10 Sept , scholarship certificates , water cans , soil softening tool and measurement tape is distributed in the hands of Chief of PMC standing committee Mr Nilesh Nikam

  • August 2009 :
    Green Hills Group takes permission from PMC education dept for giving environment scholarship for slum students. Each selected student will nurture around 10 plants near slum at Vaiduvadi area of chatushrungi hill. The project is being pilototed for 10 to 15 students initially.

  • July - August 2009 :
    Rohan Developers Pvt Ltd appriciated the work being done at Chatushrungi. They have committed to plant and adopt around 1000 plants on the slope of the hill. Around 3000 Mtrs of CCT is being dug for planting 1000 plants.

  • June 13 2009 :
    To mark 225 th anniversary , Bank Of NewYork Mellon have planted and adopted 225 Plants on Chatushrungi Hill.

  • Feb-March 2009 :
    Ground Level Marking is being done on top and along slope of the Chatushrungi hill for digging CCT (Continuous Countor Trench).Mr. Takalker a retired forest department official guiding in making CCT.

  • March 2009 :
    Two five thousand litres tanks constructed at Chatushrungi hill.

  • Feb 2009 :
    Seven thousand litres tank constructed at Hanuman Tekdi. Main contribution of this came from 'hanuman tekdi walkers'.

  • Jan 2009 :
    Navjyoti India Foundation - an NGO founded by Kiran Bedi have partnered with Green Hills Group .

  • Feb 2009 :
    A 12 ft wide gate is constructed at Chatushrungi hill. This makes easy passage for water tanker to come near the water tank from Walchandnager Industries compound.

  • 2008-2009 :
    Paranjpe Schemes appreciated work done at Chatushrungi hill. Commited to help nurture existing 1000 plants on Chatushrungi hill for 2009-2010.
  • Nov 2008 :
    Cow dung is put around each plant. One 2.5 litre mud pot is embedded in the soil around each plant. Six ft round and 2 ft high Stone katta is prepared around 40 plants.

  • Dec 2008 :
    PMC have constructed sixty thousand litres water tank at Hanuman Tekdi . Also provided permanent water connection for the tank.

  • Aug 2008 -
    Feb 2009 Grass is cut and bio fertiliser is prepared on Hanuman Tekdi hill with the help of college students from Symbios , Fergusson , BMCC etc.

  • Dec 2008 :
    All the plants on the Chatushrungi hill tagged. Each tag has Tree number and Tree name. Mr. Dewale helped in naming each tag. Mr. Ketkar helped in tagging all plants.

  • Oct-Nov 2008:
    Around twenty members of our group have lifted 200 bags of flower waste - Nirmalya (around 3 tons) from Chatushrungi Temple to top of the hill. Bio fertiliser prepared Using compost culture provided by INORA. The bio-fertiliser is distributed to all plants.

  • Sept-Oct 2008:
    The 4 to 5 ft grown grass at Chatushrungi hill is cut using grass cutting machine provided by Nihar Agrotech.

  • April 2008 :
    Green Hills Group was nominated from Pune for the 'Earth Care Award' sponsered by Times Of India and JSW in community-led actions on mitigation and adaptation to climate change with respect to water resources, land use, land use change and forestry.
  • February 2007 :
    Apte Kanade jwellers have sponsore T shirt for members of Green Hills Group.
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