Miscreant elements in society.


It is very unfortunate that there are some miscreant elements in society who do not understand the effect of their actions. Few group of boys of age group 12 to 16 go roaming on the hills especially in summer holidays . They find joy in destructive activities. Two of our syntax tanks of 3000 litters capacity donated by PMC were broken by hitting stones. Two tanks of capacity 5000 litters were pierced by nails.
We then started to construct concrete tanks of 15 inch thick walls. Now we have total eight concrete tanks on the hill. But we have to pay big cost in terms of effort and time to learn the alternative.

We also get frustrated when we see broken liquor bottles around the tanks. There is even more frustration when our plastic cans gets disappeared one fine morning. Recently few miscreant boys disturbed the nearby Symbiosis college by smimming and making noice in the tank near Symbiosis compound. Ravi spend many hours in hot sun and got constructed concrete slab on the two tanks.

As more awareness about environment is spreading across all levels of society , the nuisance from miscreant elements is going down. Now some of these boys started helping us. They are preventing other boys from fixing bird traps, lighting hey fire and even helping us in watering the plants. Now we are not objecting poor people in using the water tanks as free swimming pool in hot summer.

We are planning to plant more fruit trees like Jamun, Mango , Tamarind , awala and guava . We believe this will provide food to poor people leaving around the hill.