Short video demonstrating conversion of dried leaves into useful compost manure at Hanuman Hill.
The documentary created by Freelance environmentalist Mr. Kiran Joshi about conservation of hills around Pune.
Green Hills Group - Objection to construction on Forest Land on ARAI hill.
Green Hills Group - Letter given to Forest Minister, Govt of Maharashtra on 1 March 2014 . How Green Hills Group wants to help forest in converting forest land into greenery.

Green Hills Group has been working for last 10 years in rain water harvesting and tree plantation in Pune. Initially for 5 to 6 years, we worked as a small group and then registered as a trust called Green Hills Group. We have a panel of eight trustees and lot of devoted nature lovers. Some of us are retired persons having different background – bankers , engineers , businessman etc, some of us are still at college and some are still working. All of us carry a dream and have mission impossible ahead of us – we want to make hills around Pune Green!
Green Hills Group - Presentation of our work..

Ensuring adequate water at hill top require lot of commitment from individuals and lot of team work from everyone. The success in this journey is very slow and is not visible to society for 5 to 6 years. We could manage to overcome many obstacles till now. With faith in nature god we are sure of achieving our dream.

For last eight years we are planting trees on Hanuman Tekdi and for last Four years we are planting trees on Chatushrungi Hills. Since June 2010, with support from Tata Motors ,ARAI, Forest Department and PMC we planted 4000 trees and started nurturing them on forest department land on ARAI hill near MIT college.

Hanuman Tekdi Hill in 1990's Hanuman Tekdi 90s Hanuman Tekdi 2007
Hanuman Tekdi 2007 Click to Enlarge ten ton of bio-waste (ola kachara) provided by PMC is used as manure for trees on Chatushrungi hill. Click to Enlarge
PMC Commisioner on Chatushrungi hill Plants on Chatushrungi Hill in July 2009 The students selected for Environment Scholarship planting near VAiduwadi slum
Nihar Agrotech have donated grass cutting machine. Rainwater Harvesting at ARAI Forest Land in Aug 2011 Chatushrungi hill in Sept 2011
Hanuman Tekdi :

Hill portion between Fergusson college , Bruhan Maharsatra College of Commerce (BMCC) and Symbiosis college is known as Hanuman Tekdi. We make bunds along the slopes , we conserve soil by mixing dried-up leaves with existing soil and planting more trees in it.

Luckily hanuman tekdi has four stone quarries at the ground level. We have diverted rain water streams to this quarry by constructing water trenches . The rain water gets collected in the stone quarry at the foot of the hill near Bal Chitravani. Approximate capacity of this quarry could be about 35 to 40 lack (4 Million litres) litres of water. The approximate area of the hill is around 70 acres. With the help of many nature loving people , we have planted more than two thousand trees on this hill. The committed members of our group have ensured plants get enough water through out the year.

We have constructed more than 10 water tanks to cover most of the part of hill . We have two kerosene driven portable pumps and about 400 running feet of flexible fire extinguishing hoses. From November to June , we reuse the water collected in stone quarry by pumping it into ten tanks spread on the hill top. We use two to five liters plastic cans for watering the plants. Some of us spend approximately two hours on almost every day to water the plants.
The students from Symiosis college and Fergusson college regularly visit the hill and help members of our group in watering and Nurturing the plants. Mr Balasaheb Paranjpe (Founder) Mr. Ravi Purandare (Secretary) , Mr Chandrakant Chopde , Vinayak Lele , Subhash Raste , Bhave , R C Jain , Mr. Rajwade and many more committed members nurture the plants throughout the year.
Pune Municipal Corporation have constructed sixty thousand liters tank and provided permanent water connection and also laid the pipeline for connecting this tank with other tanks. Recently we have started a small nursary on this hill.
Chatushrungi Hill:

The Chatushrungi hill is located behind one of the oldest temple near university of Pune . There is more than 100 acres of open barren land on top this hill. Since last four years we have planted more than three thousand trees on this land . Bank of Maharashtra and Tata Motors have donated us two five thousand litres plastic moulded tanks. Two new tanks are constructed as part of 'Trees For Life' project jointly undertaken by Green Hills Group and Navjyoti Foundation (Respected Kiran Bedi's NGO) . Employees of AXA business services are supporting around 500 plants. Renowned builders Paranjpe Schemes, DSK devlopers and Rohan Builders help the group in providing financial support as and when required. Garden Department of Pune Municipal Corporation provide plant saplings and water tanker free of cost. We water the plants weekly twice (Thursday and Sunday morning 6:30 to 8:30) during winter and summer.
Employees of Mphasis an HP company , Accenture visit as part of CSR . Batch of Employees of Cummins visit every week in their duty hours and do plant nurturing activities. Student of JSPM's Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, Pune visit the hill every year for plantation.
Forest land on ARAI tekdi:

The ARAI hill belonging to Forest department is located in Survey no 102 , to the left of MIT college near Paud Road. Around 3500 plants are planted in June 2010 with support from Tata Motors , ARAI ,Forest Department and PMC. We visit the tekdi every saturday morning 7 AM to 8:30 AM.
Few words about our Committed members and trusties

Shrikant Paranjpe
Founder member of the Green Hills Group . He had taken voluntary retirement at the age of 42 and since then devoted his life for environment. Although in 2009 , at the age of 70 , he retired from the group, he still bicycles and comes on both the hills. He still prepares around 300 saplings every year on his terrace.
Ravi Purandare
Chairman (Past Secretary) and founder member of the group. Retired Mechanical enginner .Worked in Gulf for some part of his life. He is the Key member in converting rocky hanuman tekdi hill in Greenary in last ten years. Instrumental in getting PMC help for water Tanks,Pipe line, Water Pump , electric connection , Office for the group etc at Hanuman Tekdi hill. Since last ten years he is devoting most of the time in greening activties in hanuman Tekdi.
Sanjay Athavale
Trustee (Past Chairman) of the group. Committed to bring Pune temparature to 1970 level by planting and nurturing native trees on as many hills as possible. Working in software company. Joined the group in 2005-2006. Introduced T-shirts for the group members, ensured availibility of water on Chatushrungi hill from 2006 to 2010 , Instrumental in getting help for solving hey fire problem on Chatushrungi hill using grass cutting machine, getting financial and other support from corporates, developed web site , initiated drip irrigation , coordinates with corporates for owning plant nurturing activities , introduced environment scholarships for slum students, instrumental in creating Nisarg Mandir on Chatushrungi hill and in making Chatushrungi hill green. Instrumental in expanding the greening activity on ARAI tekdi and is connecting with other farmers around Pune.
Shrirang Dedge :
Self-employed .Owns workshop -T P engineering works (Lathe based work) . Founder member of the group and Trusty. Committed to Green Hills Group for last ten years. He is the piller of the group . At the end of greening activity he gives small talk telling importance of good behavior.
Sanjay Suryavanshi
He is working with L & T infotech. He stays at Rohan Garima, one of the big housing society near Chatushrungi Hill. He comes almost daily to the hill. Extends all type of help in greening initiatives.
Chandrakant Chopde
Retired civil enginner . One of the active trusty of the group. Worked in Gulf for major part of his life. Now he is devoting most of the time in greening activties in hanuman Tekdi. Joined the group in 2008.
Sadashiv Narayan Bhave
Current Secretary of the group. Retired officer from SBI . One of the senior trusty of the group. At age of 66 , he still comes to Hanuman Tekdi at around 6:30 AM . For last five years he is contributing to Green Hills Group activities. He brings wet waste from home and puts around the plants. There is significant improvement in quality of soil ... this gets reflected in growth of plants on rocky land on the hanuman tekdi hill. He connects with nearby farmers and helps them for plantation.
Subhash Raste
Retired from Tata Motors in 2010 . Working for the Group for more than 10 years. He is focusing on removing the grass grown around the plants and protect the plants from hay fire. He is coordinating the plantation and plant nurturing activities on ARAI hill.
Ravindra Marathe.
Retired entrepreneur . Joined the group in 2008. Coordinates with employees of Cummins for plant nurturing activities on Chatushrungi hill. Also coordinates with Paranjpe schemes for getting financial support for nurturing around 1000 plants.He also helps in maintaining accounts of the group.
Jayant Deodhar :
Worked as branch manager in union bank of India for last 25 years. Joined Green Hills Group six years back . Involved in making bunds around slopes at Chatushrungi hill , planted Karvand and Neem trees on slope of the hill. One of the early members of the group who is still putting quality time on Chatushrungi hills. He brings home made tea for other volunteers in thermos . A cup of tea after hard work is like amrut for all of us. He also helps in maintaining accounts of the group.
Sachin Ganjve
One of Trustees of the group. Enterprenor , owns Trimurthi Engineering work shop. Joined the group in 2011. He is the Key member in converting rocky hanuman tekdi hill in Greenary. Instrumental in getting PMC help for water Tanks,Pipe line, Water Pump , electric connection , Office for the group etc at Hanuman Tekdi hill.
Bhushan Harne
Passionate for Green Initiatives and to serve for nature. He wants to give a Best Gift to the next generation. Member of the group from 01.01.2015, Immensely interested in taking care for plants, growing all Indian species and preserve them for our future. He has started a small nursery on the terrace and taking care for more than 250 saplings of mix species like Mango tree, Piple, Neem, Shisham, Jamun, Baniyan tree, Chinch etc. He wants to cover all Pune with around 2,00,000 trees by 2020. By profession he is Sr. Project Engineer, and presently working in Atlas Copco (P) Ltd, Pune
Vivekanand Nargung
He is Software Engineer ...very commited . Comes weekly twice to Chatushrungi Hill. Helps in marking CCT. He coordinates with employees of AXA business services for nurturing 500 plants supported by AXA business services. He also coordinates the screening of environment CDs in colleges and corporates.
Mahesh Paradkar .
He used to visit hills around his home (Shilpa soceity and Sigma One near MIT college) and dreaming to make them green. He joined the group in 2010 and is instrumental in greening forest land behind ARAI . He works in IBM and he could motivate IBMers to come to hill and log environment support hours in IBM CSR initiative. This resulted in getting grant of Rs 1.80 to Green Hills Group. He wants to take the greening activity to other hills in Pune.
Jaswinder Singh - Jassi .
He used to visit varje hills and othe places and was planing and nurturing trees alone. He works in Persistant and use bicycle. He is instrumental in making forest land behind ARAI green. He wants to make other hills in Pune green specaily Varje hill.
Keshaw Patel .
He works in Cyberage. Jassi has bought him on the hill and then he fall in love with the nature.He and his wife visits forest land behind ARAI hill regularly and is instrumental in making it green.
Nandini Devi Pantprtinidhi .
She is passionate about native plants and restoration of original forest. She is follower of Mr Mahajan Sir and well connected with other environmentalist in Pune. Instead of just talking about importatnce of native plants , she actually finds nursuries and people who grow native plants. She comes to forest land near ARAI from Hadapsar in morning 6:30 AM on saturdays. She is ensuring that only native plants are planted on forest land. She also collects seeds of rare trees and gives back to nursaries.
Balasaheb Ramchandra Dasharath
Mechanical engineer. Owns workshop - Onkar Precision machining works. Since 2008 contributing to Green Hills Group activities.He is one of the trustees of the group. Stays at Pimple Gurav and comes to Chatushrungi on every Thursday and Sunday at 6:30 AM.He is passionate about reuse of waste and actively involves in removal of plastic from Nirmalya and preparing fertiliser from Nirmalya in Navaratri period at Chatushrungi hill.
Makarand Abhyankar
He is one of the founder member and Trustee of the group. He is a entrepreneur and owns the renowned sanitary pipe business shop called 'G K Abhyankar and sons' at Laxmi Road Pune. He was very active in initial years of the plantation and still provides all type of help.
Prof Vikas Matkari, Local corporator.
He visits the tekdi almost daily . Provides all type of support both material and financial . Provides valuable suggestions. Instrumental in getting PMC support to Green Hills Group at Hanuman Tekdi hill like getting electric connection on Tekdi , permanent water connection etc. Group has invited him to become part of the board of trustees in 2010.
Mr Pravin Gaikwad
Works in insurance company. Also works as computer stationary supplier. He was one of the active volunteer at Chatushrungi Tekdi work . In 2003 he contributed in "Pani Adava , Pani Jirava " initiative. He contributed in involving school children in constructing bunds along the slopes. He was instrumental in constructing the water tanks on the Chatushrungi hills.
Chandan Desai
Is studying in Garware college. Very active and committed member of the group. He looks after the Nisarg Mandir plants at Chatushrungi hill and coordinates plantation, CCT marking and greening activties at Chatushrungi Tekdi Hill.He is also actively involved in greening of MIT-ARAI tekdi.
Sudeep Gaikawad
Is is working in BNY Mellon company. Got introduced as part of companies greening anitiatives at Chatushrungi hill. He is coordinating with colleges and encourages them to participate in greening hills.
Amardeep Gaikawad
Is is studying in management college. He is actively involved in all type of initiates and greening activities at Chatushrungi hill. He is coordinating with colleges and encourages them to participate in greening hills.
Kailas Kakade
Is is working in LIC of India. Almost comes daily to chatushrungi hill as part of daily climbing exercise. He is actively involved in all type of initiates and greening activities at Chatushrungi hill. He is coordinating with farmers and encourages them to participate in greening.
AMIT KAwashte
Is is self employeed person , offers painting services. He is actively involved in all type of initiates and greening activities at Chatushrungi hill. He is coordinating with farmers and encourages them to participate in planatation.
Vinay Lele
Working in Software Company in Pune. Joined the group in 2009. He is coordinating plantation and greening activties at hanuman Tekdi Hill.
Mr Rajwade
He is Management Consultatnt and Trainer in "Synergy " consulting firm. He is involved in watering activity since 1991. He started contributing to our group since May 2000. He manages to spend quality time on Hanuman tekdi weekly thrice.
Prakash Vishnu Ketkar
Retired Bank Manager from Central Bank . For last ten years involved in Green Hills Group activities. After retirement also , his contribution for environment is steadily increasing. Ketkar has developed a innovative web site for Stotra. (Sanskrit and Marathi Prayers)
Jignesh Makwana
Currently working in Symentec. Was looking for a framework in Pune where he can contribute in greenary ...after reading article in Times of India , he decided to join the group. He comes to Chatushrungi hill as and when time permits.
He is a wireman and works a electrical contractor. He and Degde were comming daily at morning for 15 days to cut grass at Chatushrungi hill .
Mr Ramesh Pundareek Rao
He works in Atlas Copco and stays in Rohan Garima. He is motivated the group for doing CCT methodically and has actively involved in CCT (contouring) work at Chatushrungi Hill. He introduced Mr Vasatrao Takalkar, Ex-Forest officer to the Green Hills Group to use his knowledge as he is pioneer in CCT(Continuos Countor Trenching). He also introduced & motivated Mr Suhas Lunkad who is his collegemate in Engineering & owner of Rohan Builders , and is helping the Group financially.
Atul Nanasaheb Wagh
Artist. Did extensive work in Photography. After working for Archies for more than a decade, his creation of the longest greeting card (428.6 ft. long and 6 inches wide) was included in guiness book record in October 2006. Comes to Chatushrungi hills on every Thursday and Sunday at morning 6:30 AM.
Anil Vaishyak
Artist. Works in film institute in Makeup department. Comes to Chatushrungi hills on almost every day. Passionate about nature. He wants to spread environment support message to youg generation and warns everyone - Abhi Nahi to Kabhi Nahi. If we can't make now then probably we will not be able to do anytime
Ashok Bhalerao :
He is one of the senior members of the group. He passionately collects wastes (used bottles , plastic bags etc) on Hanuman Tekdi hill and throws in one of the nearby dust bins. He must have cleaned around five truck loads of wastes till now. He comes daily to Hanuman Tekdi and waters the plants.
Akolkar, Dasharath and Bhosale
One day we were discussing amoung ourself that - why Chatushrungi devi is not bringing more people to join our group. And to our surprise same day these three committed people joined our group. Recently they have contributed Rs 20000 for the group (Feb 2008). Below are their details.
Shripad Durgadas Akolkar
Self Employed. Owns 'Shree Engineering works' (CNC machines , reconditioning and automation). Recently started contributing in Green Hills Group activities. Stays at Chichwad and comes to Chatushrungi hills on every Thursday and Sunday at 6:30 AM.
Mohan Nivrutti Bhosale
Self employed . Owns workshop - Onkar Precision machining works. Recently started contributing to Green Hills Group activities. Stays at Jagtap dairy , Pimple Nilakh and comes to Chatushrungi on Thursday and Sunday at 6:30 AM He has taken responsibility to tag all the plants on Chatushrungi.
Amit Ghangurde
Civil engineer . Working at Aker Kvaerner as Chief Engineer. . Recently started contributing to green hills group activities . Comes to Chatushrungi hills on every Thursday and Sunday at around 6:30 AM .
Yash Lohiya
He is working as a Business Development Manager with an IT company in Pune. He comes to Hanuman Tekdi on Saturdays and on Chatushrungi hill on Sundays at around 6:30 AM. He is trying to get connected with other environment friendly people who can contribute to greenery conservation.
Sameer Natekar
Currently working in Symentec. He was looking for a framework in Pune where he can contribute in greenary ...after reading article in Times of India , he decided to join the group. He comes to Chatushrungi hill on every Thursday and Sunday at around 6:30 AM.
Suhas Kurne
Recently he has started contributing at Hanuman tekdi Hills. He has spend many years in USA. He waters the plants at Hanuman tekdi hills almost daily.
Rejesh Todker
Appeared for 12 th exam. He stays in Pimpri and comes to Chatushrungi. He and his friends have started tree plantation planning at Ghoradeshwar temple near Dehu Road. He visits Chatushrungi hills to understand community plantation activity and community participation.Recently Ghatage farms have given 44 types of Ayurvedic seeds . He is planning to take plantention activity at Goradeshwar temple.
Shashikant Babasaheb Jadhav
Shashank joined the group while Navaratra Nirmalya was being taken from temple to the hill top (Oct 2008). Currently working in John Deere Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (world's leading manufacturer of farm equipment. located at Sanswadi, Pune.). Enjoys doing something different - other than daily routine. He visits Chatushrungi hill on Sunday.
Jatin Maharao
He is BBA graduate from Symbiosis. Currenly working in Career Forum Ltd as Operations Executive. He comes to Chatushrungi hill every Sunday.
Mr Deepak Danwante
He recently started contributing at Chatushrungi Hill. He has health club at Baner.