Who is helping us ?

Numerous environment loving people keep on helping us daily in watering the plants,  it is not possible to give names of all those here.
Following organization and people have provided financial and material help to us. The help was in terms of providing one or two labors to help us in taking water tank to hill, providing steel material ,providing water tanks etc.
Pune Municipal Corporation .
Garden Department of PMC are providing permanent water connection, sunk well and power house at Hanuman tekdi.
Garden Department of PMC have connected most of the tanks with the main tank with 2 inch pipeline at Hanuman tekdi.
Since December 2008 , garden Department of PMC are providing water every saturday on Chatushrungi hill.
PMC officials like Praveen Sing Pardeshi , Commissioner , PMC, along with Mr. Khaire head of Garden Department , Mr Bhanudas Mane Head of Garden Dept had visited the hills and promised all type of support.
Prof Vikas Matkari, Local corporator.
Prof Vikas Matkari Local corporator in PMC stays near hanuman tekdi . He visits the tekdi almost daily . Provides all type of support both material and financial . Provides valuable suggestions. Whenver we have problems , we go to him like getting electric connection on Tekdi , permanent water connection etc. He is always eager to help us. He is instrumental in constructing walk-way on the hill. Has sanctioned cycle operated water pump . The cycles will be installed once adequate security and availibility of adequate water is ensured .
Central Fire Brigade has provided water for few years.
City development authority .

BNY Mellon (India)
To mark company's 225 year aniversary , team of around 250 Volunteers from Pune offices of BNY Mellon International Operations Pvt Ltd planted 225 trees on Chatushrungi Hill on 13 June 2009.
Leandra Mendonsa from BNY Mellon have coordinated this event.

The key highlight of the project are

Diging contours and trenches on the slope of the hill for 225 plants.
Planting 225 plants on chatushrungi.
Financial support for ongoing support for next two years.
Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture
INORA has provided composting culture at Chatushrungi hill. It is being used to compost the bio waste (flowers) provided by Chashrungi temple and unwanted grass grown around plants at Chatushrungi hill.
Nihar Agrotech-Distributors for Grass Cutting Machine, chain saw,pruners and lawn movers.
Nihar Agrotech has sponsered grass cutting at Chatushrungi Hill. We could cut the FIRE LINE grass. Since long we were not able to resolve the accidental hay fire problem. Year 2007-2008 is going to be very important milestone in overcoming hay fire problem . Many thanks to Milind Barve prop. of Nihar Agro. (Contact # 9822120967 office-02025293883)
Under Corporate Social Responsibility Programme , employees of following IT companies in Pune visit the hills regularly and help us water the plants and do other related activities.
MphasiS an EDS company.
Symantec , Pune .
Accenture , Pune .
Builders and Contractors. Most of the below builders have provided material help like providing labour to construct tank, providing raw material for the tank etc
Bhate Raje
Rohan Builders
Hindustan Builders
DSK developers
Paranjpe Schemes
Paranjpe Builders
Pride Broup
Suvidha Builders
Manas Builders
J D Construction (Jayant Date)

Rotary Club of Shivaji Nager, Pune
Lions Club, Pune
Symantec Corporation Pune - Many of our members come from Symentec. Also received financial assitance from members.
D. G Paranjpe Trust - Provided Financial support
Apte Kanade Jewelers, Laxmi Road Pune - Sponsered T shirts worth Rs five thousand.
Athavale Mathematics Classes - Sponsered one hundred Hats for the members of the group
Tata Motors - Provided Plastic Moulded 5 thousand ltrs tank installed at Chatushrungi hill
Bank Of Maharashtra - Provided Plastic Moulded 5 thousand ltrs tank installed at Chatushrungi hill
Inner Wheel Group
Shri Chatursungi Devasthan Trust
Nana Industries Pune
State Bank Of India
Ghatage Farms - provided 44 type of seeds that one of our activities is planning to sow at Ghoradeshwar tekdi near Talegaon.

Educational Institute
Student of following schools and colleges give regular helping hand to us.
Symbosis College of Arts and Commerce
Abhinav English Medium School
Modern High School
Apte Prashala
Shamrao Kalmadi School (kannada Medium)
3 rd Maharashtra Batalian NCC


Mr and Mrs C.J Joshi ( Brother in law of Mr Paranjpe)
Shreekant Bhave
Sunanda Apte Kakade , USA
Indu Tarkunde UK
Dr Nadkarni
Rama Vishnu Ketkar Prostahan Nyas
Ashok Datar , Mumbai
Amruta Digikar
Atul and Manisha Gore, USA (Now settling in India)
Poonam Agarwal, from EDS Pune
Sri Chitaman and Suman Joshi , Mumbai
Ravi Patil
Suresh Hemarajani
Shirish Chikate
Balkrushna Joshi , Kolhapur
Shridhar Joshi
Shashank Parab , Baner (Symantic group )
Sanjivani Panse from EDS Pune
  ..and many more.