Hey fire or grass fire.


On both the hills every year grass is growing upto shoulder height. This makes climbing hill very scary due to fear of snakes . Some people use to fire the grass so that they can walk freely on the hill. This problem is very prominent in Chatursungi hill where there are no watchman. Last year we tried to cut grass as much as possible , but meanwhile some one has lit fire. Around 30 % of the small plants got burned . Since we immediately watered them we could save around 15 % of those burnt plants.

So far we have not been able to find the solution for this problem. Cutting the grass is very expensive since there is a huge area . We may not be able to do much unless suitable financial assistance is received .

In 2008 Nihar Agrotech has provided grass cutting machine for few days. We could cut most of the grass at Chatushrungi hill. Let us see if we succeed in overcoming the hay fire problem .