Rotary Clubs in Pune .


Various Rotary Clubs in Pune are supporting Green Hills Group in greening Chatushrungi Hill and Hanuman Tekdi Hill.

Rotary Club Sports city

Mr Nitin Joshi coordinated plant nurturing activities on Chatushrungi hill. The Sports City club have supported expenses for Nisarg Mandir Project on Chatushrungi hill.

The key highlight of the Nisarg Mandir project are

a) Installing eight boards displaying "Importance of Nature" narrated in eight religions of the world.

b) Constructing eight stone katta around naturally grown "Swayambhu" bush. Used RCC pillars are erected in the stone katta and a specially prepared Ferro-Crete disk is kept on each pillar. The disk holds around 20 liters of water for native birds.

c) Maintaining the Nisarg Mandir for three years, activity includes watering plants planted on Stone Katta. Filling water in the disk in summer.

Rotary Club "Shivaji Nagar"

The club have supported construction of water tank on Hanuman Tekdi hill. The cub members have also provided plants for Hanuman Tekdi hill.

Rotary Club "Prime City"

The members of the club visited Chatushrungi hill for plant nurturing activities. The club have appreciated efforts of the group and have given Vocational Excellence award to Mr. Sanjay Athavale , Chairman of the group for waste water utilization system installed in his house and his contribution in greening Chatushrungi hill.

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