Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd , Pune .


In August 2009 , Mr Ramesh Rao of Rohan Garima (Residence society near Chatushrungi Hills) introduced Suhas Lunkad of Rohan Developers Pvt Ltd to Green Hills Group members. Suhas is very much attached to Chatushrungi hill. He became nostalgic ... remembered his school days when he used to pass through the Chatushrungi Hill Tekdi. He committed to help in digging CCT trenched on the slope facing Rohan Garima and plant as many trees as possible on the slope.
Mr Ramesh Rao . He works in Atlas Copco and stays in Rohan Garima. He is motivated the group for doing CCT methodically and has actively involved in CCT (contouring) work at Chatushrungi Hill.

The key highlight of the project are

Digging around 9 trenches of CCT (continuous contour Trench) measuring around 2500 Metres along the slope of the hill.

Plant around 700 plants on the trenches.

Immerse one mud pot near each plant. This keeps soil near root wet and optimises use of water.This also help us in tracking in watering activity.

Construct 5000 liters Ferrocrete tanks on the slope of the hill.

Install around 30 tin drums along the trenches on the slope.

Connect the permanent tanks with the 30 tin drums with underground rubber pipes.

Grass cutting machine to cut the grass.

Permanent water arrangement on top of the hill including required pump and pipe line

Provide Two labours to look after the plants for two years.

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