Paranpape Schemes , Pune .


Paranjpe Schemes has sponsored nurturing activity for existing one thousand plants at Chatushrungi hill site. From November 2008 to April 2009 Rs 1,25000 are being utilised for following activities.
Mr Ravindra Marathe , retired entrepreneur is coordinating between Paranjpe Schemes and Green Hills Group.

The key highlight of the project are

Soil Softening and digging one feet soil around each existing plant.

Mix cow-dung with bio-fertilizer prepared from nirmalya (flower waste) and put around each plant.

Immerse one mud pot near each plant. This keeps soil near root wet and optimises use of water. This also help us in tracking in watering activity.

Construct 6 feet round stone katta (without any cement.. just arrange stones) for around fifty plants with height more than 6 feet.

12 ft Gate to allow water tanker from other side of walchandnager compond.

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