Biodiversity database of Pune hills on Google Map - Need helping hands

Select Hill Name to see Google Map of the hill where nature lovers are planting and nurturing plants. More than Twenty Thousand (20000) trees are planted and nurtured by different nature loving groups in Pune on these hills. At present biodiversity on six hills is being captured (But other hills/places can also be easily configured).
A company in Pune called Mobile Sutra has developed a simple mobile app which allows us to select tree name (or cutting of a tree, locations of artificial ponds ,soil and water conservation, water holes etc) and take its photograph. The app will send this data along with GPS location to this server. Smt Nandini Devi one of Nature Lover contributes in adding other attributes of trees. In this way biodiversity database on the hills is being created. This is a big task. Need helping hands of many nature lovers to complete this activity.
If you can manage to get Android or iPhone based Mobile Phone and willing to spend couple of hours on week ends for nature then register on contact us page of this web site.
Please be assured that NO personal data will be send from your mobile other than the unique device ID of the mobile. The device ID is being used to count number of data points collected from a perticular mobile.
Click here to download and install application on your Android based mobile.
Click here to download and install iPhone application .
Note: The below Google Satellite Map is best seen in Google Crome Browser.