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Employees of IBM as well as IBM Daksh come on ARAI-MIT forest hill and work with Green Hills Group . They help in planting and nurturing plants.
In 2011, as part of the IBM Centennial Initiative, IBM gave grants to Green Hills Group. This grant is given to organizations where more than 50 IBMers serve to contribute more than 200 Hours of service hours and make a measurable impact to the societal need.
During the month of June-July-August 2011, more than 70 IBMers participated in tree plantation and nurturing drives with their colleagues, friends and families on weekends. They planted more than 250+ saplings and worked on several other nurturing initiatives on the hilltop near MIT/ARAI in Pune.
This grant will help us to effectively run "Save Ecosystem" project where the group is trying to nurture naturally growing native trees on this hilltop spanning 200 Hectares and IBMers along with several other corporates in Pune will continue to contribute efforts round the year.
Mr. Mahesh Paradkar who stays in Sigma One society near the hill coordinates this activity.
Share your passion for environment with Mahesh at his blog.

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