Cummins India .


Management of Cummins India has very special place in our journey of greening Pune hills. It is the first company in Pune who started sending their employees on duty hours to help us in nurturing plants.

Since 2009 , Employees of Cummins are regular visitors to all three hills - Chatushrungi , Hanuman hill and ARAI hill.Mr Ravindra Marathe coordinates the group at Chatushrungi hill and Mr. Ravi Purandare , Mr. Chandrakant Chopde guide the group on Hanuman Tekdi hill.

During Navaratri festival they help us in taking Nirmalya (flower waste) to hill top for preparing bio fertiliser. They also helped us in erecting water holding disks for birds on Chatushrungi hill. They helped us in installing drip irrigation system and installing water pipeline on Chatushrungi , Hanuman hill and ARAI hill.

Recently in 2011, Cummins India won an award of $10,000 from their global office for their association with green hills group and making difference in society. Since we are not registered for accepting the donation in dollars, they came out of way and managed to give us the award money in Rupees.

This award money is being used on Chatushrungi and Hanuman hill for Grass Cutting , doing soil work around each plant and such critical activities.

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