Corporates can help us in two ways.

1. Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.
Encourage employees to contribute in various activities that we perform throughout the year to ensure plants are growing. This includes regularly water the plants , digging the soil around plants , cuttng weeds and grass grown around plants , tagging the plants , spraying pesticide, putting cowdung, tying support sticks etc

2. Model Package for Green Coverage and Water Harvesting
This activity will include active participation of employees along with companies financial assistance. Project will be executed for a period of 2 years
The projest is divided in following activities.
1. Rain water harvesting by making Continuous Contour Trench (CCT)
2. Preparing soil bed for each plant
3. Making masonary tanks to water the plants during Oct-May period.This is required in case more than 500 trees are to be planted
4. Hay fire preventive measure.
5. Installing drip irrigation system for optimised watering.
6. Plantation in Monsoon.
7. Regular visit of employees of the company for next two to three years.
Many corporates are supporting the plants on the hills . It is not possible to provide all such names. Below are few examples
1. Cummins India
2. First Data 3. Crisil India 4. Atlas Copco 5. Veritas 6. IBM India 7. LIC 8. LHI India Ltd.
9. Bank Of New York mellon.
10.Students of JSPM's Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, Pune.
11. Students of Kaveri college
12. BMC software 13. Tata Motors .
14. Paranjpe Schedmes.
15. Rohan Builders.
....And many more